Case study - the pharmaceutical company Sales & Marketing Director


The high potential German manager had been given his first Board position and although commercial results were pretty good, his relationship with his team and colleagues was not and doubts were being raised as to whether his leaderships skills were up to the mark.

Ad Capita was asked to support him and help him adapt his leadership style and re-motivate his team to produce even better results.

After a four hour introductory session with the "coachee", the coach interviewed all his direct reports and his CEO at length to gain a wider understanding of where problems might lie. We also did some psychometric tests and examined previous assessment reports. The coach then discussed the results of this preliminary work openly and in detail with the coachee (maintaining the confidentiality of his reports, of course). From that we worked out a programme of sessions and some key objectives. The coach also reported back, with the agreement of the coachee, to the HR Director and the CEO.

By the following year, the Sales & Marketing Director's leadership style had changed markedly. His team members were motivated and felt they could openly discuss issues and challenges with him. In return, he felt that they understood his objectives for team much more clearly and had learned to share his enthusiasm and drive. The atmosphere in the office was palpably better. A major new product launch was a complete success and much talked about in the rest of the company and sales growth exceeded budget by a wide margin.

Over the following months the coach supported him as a mentor, someone external to the company whom he trusted and with whom he could share his concerns, debate decisions and bounce ideas around.

The now experienced Director was then offered an important marketing position back in Head Office in Germany. He has since been promoted again and now holds a senior global position.
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