Ad Capita will serve all clients professionally, disclosing all necessary information and carrying out work with maximum rigour and integrity.

Within the limits of confidentiality (see below), we will be as transparent as possible with clients, informing them fully about assignment progress, candidate quality and all other aspects of our work.

Unless otherwise explicitly requested by the client, we will only present shortlisted candidates who have been fully assessed by us and who we believe satisfy the requirements for the position.

We believe in attaining deadlines and will only agree assignment timetables which we feel to be realistic. Where we believe there is danger of our not meeting an agreed deadline, we will inform the client of that fact in writing well in advance, with an explanation and a proposed revised deadline.

Ad Capita makes all assessments objectively and impartially. Where we feel that our impartiality may be in question, we will inform the client of that fact.

We will always inform clients of any potential conflicts of interest or limitations to the scope of a search through off-limits agreements etc.

We will protect the interests of our clients in our work, both during and after assignments.

Ad Capita will always respect client and assignment confidentiality and takes active steps to maintain the confidentiality of all information. We will not disclose information about the client's business to third parties without the client's explicit consent.

Ad Capita is equally committed to candidate confidentiality and will normally only disclose search candidate identities to clients at shortlist stage.

See Candidate code of ethics.

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