The Ad Capita Executive Search code of ethics for Candidates

All data about candidates and their candidacy will be kept strictly confidential.
Contacts will always be made with maximum discretion to protect candidate confidentiality. Present employers will never be contacted by Ad Capita or informed about a candidate contact unless explicitly agreed with candidates. Candidates will only be identified to clients on reaching shortlist stage, unless explicitly agreed with the candidate for earlier disclosure. We will always ask Candidates permission to keep their details for possible future missions.

Transparency and respect

Ad Capita believes in process transparency. We always explain to candidates the purpose and objectives of each stage of the selection process. Wherever possible we will share any test results with candidates to allow them to comment. Ad Capita will make every endeavour to ensure that all candidates interviewed by us are kept informed of progress as quickly as possible, including being informed of exclusion from the process.

Candidates will always be treated with respect and cordiality. We treat all people equally, irrespective of gender, nationality, race, age or creed.

We take special care in trying to keep strictly to interview and meeting times and endeavour never to make any candidate wait for more than 15 minutes later than the agreed time.

We believe that candidate support is an important role in the selection process. While our primary responsibility is to our client, we will also ensure that candidates are advised and supported throughout selection, including at the contract negotiation stage. We will do everything possible to ensure that candidates are fairly treated by our clients.

Ad Capita will support chosen candidates for up to twelve months after appointment with advice, coaching and mentoring, as appropriate, to ensure full and mutually satisfactory integration into the new position.
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