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Why use an executive coach?
The higher your position, the more difficult it is to get frank, unbiased and constructive advice and to learn how to adapt your behaviour to new roles and situations.

Our coaches have long experience, both in senior management and in strategic counselling. They are available to listen, sympathise, coach and advise - sometimes criticise - when you need it: at times of success, of crisis and out of hours.

Management development
Sometimes good managers face problems in their behaviour or shortfalls in their capability. You want to keep them in your team but if they do not change, they will become a liability. We can help.

We offer not only general support and strategic advice but also specific technical and behavioural coaching in areas such as team building, interpersonal skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, business strategy and presentation skills.

How do we work?
Every case is different.

For individuals seeking support we will have one or two extensive introductory sessions where we examine the issues and look at what kind of role we should take to support the manager best – it might be specific skills coaching or more of a mentoring approach.

For companies seeking help with one of their managers with a particular problem, we will first spend time with the company senior management (HR Director, CEO etc) trying to understand the problem, the situation of the manager and the business context. We will then have an introductory session with the manager in question to test compatibility: this is a very personal and subjective activity and can only work if the subject of coaching feels at ease and confident with the coach. We will then agree an initial plan of sessions with the subject and the company managers, regularly reporting back on progress.

We may well ask to meet and interview your managers, colleagues and key team members and, possibly, shadow you in your job for a day or two.

Our approach is very flexible and we can draw on a wide range of tools, from business and training models to counselling techniques. We can coach in English, Portuguese or French.

Case study -the pharmaceutical company Sales & Marketing Director

The high potential German manager had been given his first Board position and although commercial results were pretty good, his relationship with his team and colleagues was not and doubts were being raised as to whether he was really up to this level of responsibility, after all.


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