You've got no headcount allowance.
You know there's good talent on the market.
You want an edge on the competition.

We have the answer.

Executive Pipeline animation linkAd Capita's own Executive Pipeline solution takes the waiting and uncertainty out of your ongoing recruitment needs. Head Office may not let you recruit today but the moment you do get the authorisation, the talent you need will be available and ready to go. You will know who is available for you in the market, what remuneration they need and how your internal candidates compare with them. This talent mapping process is continuous and will provide you with excellent market intelligence, as well as your pick of the best candidates, ahead of your competitors.

With Executive Pipeline we start by looking at your needs - who you need to recruit, where you expect to recruit in the medium term and where you are vulnerable to unexpected departures. if you agree, we then assess your own company talent: do you have enough potential internally to take on those critical roles? At the same time we look at external talent, from our database, from search, from our market networking. Finally, we also suggest, where appropriate, that you encourage and reward staff referrals. Month to month, we add new people to your pipeline, keep already identified managers updated and on track to ensure that we maintain a constant pool of the best available talent ready for that moment when the headcount tap is opened again and you can recruit the top resources you need.

In this way, you have immediate access to a talent pool designed just for your needs.

Executive pipeline benefits - talent mappingThere are other benefits too. We keep you informed about who* is available, who is moving, what your competitors are doing, remuneration trends and a detailed analysis of just how well your managers and their compensation compare with those out there in the market.

Click on the image above to see how Executive Pipeline works. (requires Flash v. 5 or better)


* To protect confidentiality, we only reveal the identity of available candidates with their permission, at the time of confirmation of a recruitment.

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