Every assignment is a fresh challenge to surpass client expectations.

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Your business
We discuss search and assessment methods and parameters in detail with our clients to ensure that we fulfil your precise business needs and exceed your best expectations every time. Understanding your business, your market, your strategy and your culture  is key to our finding the person you really need. Our proposals include our detailed analysis of the business context and candidate profiles related to the assignment.

The search
Finding the right people to manage your business is absolutely critical to your organisation and we take that responsibility very seriously. We are exhaustive in our searches and, will often extend the search outside Portugal both through our INAC network partners and, in some cases, though direct global searches (Global search).

Candidate assessment
By the time we present candidates to you for a senior position we will typically have spent over 4 hours with them, in interviews, psychometric testing and, where appropriate, using case study exercises. Most of that time will be with one or more of the Partners and not just our more junior consultants (who are, of course, experts too!).

Reference checking is an extremely important part of the process. During the search we will already have gained some useful opinions about shortlisted candidates but once you have selected a final choice, we carry out carefully structured reference checks of former superiors, peers and subordinates.

Keeping you informed
We like to make sure you know what is going on at all times, so we can create a password protected, dedicated area of our website for you to access, where will regularly update information about the assignment - key documents, target sectors and companies, first identification, direct contacts, candidate data and so on. Our confidentiality rules mean that we will only identify consenting candidates at a final stage but you will still be able to follow exactly what we are doing for you, wherever and whenever you wish, from the first search of our database and the market right up to shortlist reports and final selection.

Our shortlist reports are aimed to be informative, readable and concise documents, tailored to your style and business view.

The chosen candidate
We are always available to mediate contract negotiation between the client and the chosen candidate, making sure that both sides achieve their goals in a transparent and clear process. We then support the candidate in his or her transition and integration into the new position and will continue to do so for a number of months.

We guarantee our searches against the possibility that a chosen candidate simply does not work out in the job, for whatever reason. During the guarantee period we will restart the search without any extra fees until we make sure that you have a fully satisfactory replacement. Of course, we do everything we can to make sure this never happens and we are happy to report this has only occurred on three occasion in the last five years. In each case, our client was very happy with the final result of our second search.

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